How To Watch WPL 2023 For Free | How To Watch Women’s Indian Premier League 2023

The Women’s Indian Premier League (WPL) is a professional T20 cricket league that showcases some of the best female cricketing talents from India and around the world. The league features six teams representing different regions of India and is played in a round-robin format followed by playoffs.

The WPL 2023 promises to be an exciting event with some of the biggest names in women’s cricket expected to take part.

Let’s discuss how you can watch the Women’s Indian Premier League for free in 2023.

Women’s Indian Premier League

The Women’s Indian Premier League debuted in 2019 and has already made a name for itself as one of the world’s top T20 cricket leagues. The league has given women’s cricket in India a major boost by giving female players a stage on which to display their abilities. The league has also contributed to increasing awareness of women’s cricket in India and other countries.

The WPL 2023 promises to be an even bigger event with some of the biggest names in women’s cricket expected to take part. The league is scheduled to start in March 2023 and will feature six teams representing different regions of India.

How to Watch Women’s Indian Premier League For Free (WPL) 2023

Star Sports in India broadcast the Women’s Indian Premier League. All of the matches will be carried live on Star Sports’ various networks because they have the sole rights to broadcast the league in India. On their internet platform, the games will also be streamed.

The league is broadcast by a number of broadcasters outside of India.

  • In the UK, the league is broadcasted by Sky Sports
  • In Australia, it is broadcasted by Fox Sports.
  • In the United States, the league is broadcasted by Willow TV.

How To Watch WPL 2023 For Free

There are a few methods to watch the Women’s Indian Premier League for free, despite the fact that Star Sports holds the exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament in India. These are some methods for free access to the Women’s Indian Premier League in 2023,

1. Hotstar

Star Sports’ online platform, Hotstar, streams every game live. Hotstar offers a free trial to new users even though it is a subscription-based service. To watch every game live for free, simply join up for the free trial.

But, you must enter your credit card information when registering, and a fee will be applied after the trial time. Make sure you cancel your subscription before the free trial period expires to prevent being charged.

To watch the matches while on the go, users can also download the Hotstar app to their mobile devices.

2. JioTV

You can view live TV channels on your mobile device with JioTV, a mobile application. The Women’s Indian Premier League is broadcast on all Star Sports stations, which are all available on JioTV, a free service provided by Reliance Jio.

A Jio SIM card and a suitable smartphone are all you need to enjoy the Women’s Indian Premier League on JioTV.


AirtelTV is a similar service to JioTV, offered by Airtel. AirtelTV also includes all Star Sports channels and is available to Airtel users for free.

To watch the Women’s Indian Premier Leagueon AirtelTV, all you need is an Airtel SIM card and a compatible device.

Websites and social media pages that provide free WPL 2023 coverage

1. Willow TV:

Willow TV is an American sports channel that broadcasts cricket matches, including the WPL. Users can watch live matches for free on the Willow TV website.

2. Cricbuzz:

This is one of the cricket news websites that helps fans get the live streaming experience of the cricket matches and this is including even WPL 2023 as well. Fans can get free access to watch live matches.

3. Women’s CricZone:

This is an amazing website for women’s cricket news, analysis, and scores. You can enjoy the live coverage of WPL 2023 matches.

4. FanCode:

FanCode is a streaming sports platform that offers free coverage of WPL matches in India. Fans can download the FanCode app on their particular smartphones.

5. YouTube:

Several YouTube channels provide free live coverage of WPL matches. Some of the popular channels include the official channels of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Women’s CricZone.

It is essential to remember that access to free coverage on various websites and social media pages may differ depending on the user’s location and may also depend on the broadcasting rights of their local area.

Before relying on any of these sources, it is always advisable to confirm whether free coverage is offered in your area.

Mobile apps that allow free WPL 2023 streaming

1. AirtelXstream:

Another Indian mobile app, Airtel Xstream, offers live streaming of TV networks, including sports channels that show the WPL. Through the Airtel Xstream app, users may watch the WPL matches live and without charge.

2. YuppTV:

YuppTV is a popular mobile application available worldwide that provides live streaming of TV channels, including sports channels that show the WPL. Viewers can watch the WPL matches live on the app for free.

How to maximize the viewing experience

It would be fun and interesting to watch the Women’s Indian Premier League in 2023. Here are a few suggestions to enhance your viewing experience,

1. Choose a reliable platform:

Make sure to choose a reliable platform for watching the WPL matches. Opt for official streaming platforms or websites that are authorized to broadcast the matches.

2. Check the schedule:

Before the start of the tournament, check the schedule of the matches and plan your viewing accordingly. This will help you avoid missing any important matches.

3. Find a comfortable spot:

Choose a comfortable spot with a good view of the screen to watch the matches. Make sure the lighting is appropriate, and the screen is not too small.

4. Keep snacks and drinks ready:

Watching WPL matches can be a long and engaging experience. Keep snacks and drinks ready to munch on during the breaks or when you need a quick break.

5. Follow social media updates:

Follow social media updates from official WPL accounts, teams, and players to stay updated on the latest news and insights about the tournament.

6. Engage in live chat or commentary:

Engage in live chat or commentary to share your thoughts and opinions about the matches. This can enhance the viewing experience and help you connect with other fans.

7. Learn about the players:

Get to know the players, their backgrounds, and their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you appreciate their performances and enjoy the matches even more.

8. Show your support:

Show your support for the teams and players you like by wearing their jerseys or creating posters. This can make the viewing experience more fun and engaging.

Final Note

The Women’s Indian Premier League plays a significant role in improving both gender equality and women’s cricket. It gives female cricket players a chance to compete at the highest level and encourages younger girls to take up the sport in the future.

By demonstrating that women can succeed in traditionally male-dominated sports, the league has assisted in dismantling obstacles and challenging perceptions. It is believed that as the league expands and becomes more well-known, it will contribute to the advancement of women’s cricket and gender equality in sports.

We can support the female cricket players and be a part of this constructive change by watching the Women’s Indian Premier League and cheering them on.

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