FIFA World Cup: Watch these 5 documentaries for behind-the-scenes stories through the years

 The World Cup documentaries are available on Netflix, Discovery+, YouTube and FIFA+                 

The 22nd FIFA Men's World Cup, which will begin on November 20 with the match between host nation Qatar and Ecuador, and last until December 18, has sparked a global football craze.

We have chosen five documentaries that illustrate the history of FIFA World Cups, the debates that have surrounded the event

and its enormous influence on public life as 32 footballing nations prepare for glory on the world stage.

This eight-part documentary series follows the six captains of the six national teams as they pursue their shared goal during the qualifying matches for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

It captures some of the most moving moments from the qualifiers, such as the victories and heartbreaks of some of the top athletes who shoulder the weight of their countries.

In order to gain insights into the winning mentality, this documentary series speaks with former players, coaches, and journalists from nations that have won the World Cup.