Most-Expensive Tickets, $220 Billion Spent, Infra Boost: The Economics Of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Revenue, Ticket Price And Cost Of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: The wait for the most-awaited football tournament globally

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, is finally over, with the first match set to be played on Sunday between Ecuador and the host Qatar at 9:30 pm IST

With 32 countries participating, the football’s biggest tournament will be conducted between November 20 and December 18

The storied competition is the most expensive one ever, with the Middle Eastern nation apparently spending a significant $220 billion on preparations.

The remaining sum, or $210 billion, is spent on building airports.

Over $15 billion was spent on the "Pearl" hotel complex in Doha alone, while $36 billion was spent building the Doha Metro.

Qatar's financial ministers reportedly acknowledged spending $500 million every week for years on the infrastructure project, according to the Russian news source Tass.